What We Do –

Masiso Construction, LLC., is a full service Lubbock, TX based construction/remodeling company. Our skilled team of carpenters and craftsmen specialize in residential remodeling projects including kitchens, bathrooms, attics, additions, and full home remodels. Regardless of your aesthetic, our team has the experience and expertise to capture your dream in design, and guide it through to construction. We believe that the remodeling process can be an exciting, lifestyle changing journey, rather than the odious chore it is often made out to be. Over the years, we have built up a broad base of loyal clients in and around the Lubbock and surrounding area, who continue to refer family and friends.

Discover Good Change –

Life is not static, and neither are our homes. Children grow older and move out, in-laws grow older and move in, and our space — interior and exterior — must often transform to accommodate these changes. Whether you are looking to add new living space, actualize the potential of a poorly designed floor plan, add architectural details, or simply reduce the carbon footprint of your home, Masiso Construction LLC. has the expertise and personnel to design and implement your wishes. A new renovation or simple addition of architectural elements can add a new depth to your home and increase the properties over all value to your home.

Kitchen Projects –

The heart of the home is the kitchen, and the heart of a kitchen remodel is integration. Beginning in the design phase, aesthetics must harmonize with functionality, design align with budget, and product selection complement design. Production must be carefully planned to keep the delivery dates condensed. Our production schedule begins with material delivery dates, and develops with one of our craftsmen working directly with a planned design. Our trusted plumbers, electricians, and other trade partners are seamlessly integrated into the process to ensure a speedy, efficient completion, while making sure that your privacy, property, and security are fully respected.

Bathroom Projects –

Detail is everything in a bathroom, and in detail there is no room for error. When designing in limited space, careful attention must be given to the functionality and ergonomics of the general layout, along with the unity and compatibility of finishes and fixtures. Masiso Construction LLC. strives to carry this attention to detail into the production phase as well. Without exception, we use construction methods which ensure a durable product, and above all, respect the architecture and design of your home.

Handy Man Services –

A good handyman is hard to find. There is also a reality that a seemingly minor household repair is often more tricky than it appears at first. At Masiso Construction LLC, we offer a handyman service that exemplifies our core company value; quality craftsmanship at a significantly lower price than our competition. We provide this by combining the qualities reflected in all aspects of our business: Clear, proven processes, low overhead, and trusted, qualified craftsmen. Rather than a side note to our other divisions, we see smaller jobs as a way to earn your trust, and showcase our professionalism.